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The history of Shipstage

Shipstage is the shipping platform that enables limitless e-commerce. Our software is used by companies of different sizes to facilitate the shipping of their goods to customers worldwide.

We have a team of employees who are committed, adventurous and curious about new things. Since we are all enthusiastic about e-commerce and logistics, we approach our work with a lot of energy and a healthy dose of curiosity.

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80regions are regularly supplied by us
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Effortless shipping processing
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How it all started

In 2015, we imagined the future of e-commerce, which consisted of hundreds of brands connecting with customers in different parts of the world through a fully automated shipping platform.

Out of this motivation, we started in 2016 with the development of a platform that should simplify the shipping and handling processes for sellers, small companies and startups, so that they have easier access to new markets.

Since then, we have been working every day with passion and commitment to maintain the advantage that online trading has over traditional stores by developing innovative ideas and solutions. We develop innovative and environmentally friendly shipping solutions by bringing our experts and developers into conversation with each other. In addition, we would like to implement this strategy while maintaining diversity, fairness and sustainability.

Where are we heading?

Shipstage was developed to meet the requirements of a dynamic and complex market. We enable online retailers to increase the efficiency of their logistics processes across the board, from the first order receipt to tracking and returns processes.

Currently, Shipstage is responsible for handling several thousands of shipments per day. The first milestone on the way to a revolution in logistics has thus been reached. Our team is growing from month to month and we can't wait to launch new solutions that will help even more companies to provide their customers with the delivery experience they expect from them today.

Enabling a smooth shipping process for online shops

When it comes to transporting goods, the speed of your software is just as crucial as the logistics partners you work with. When you use Shipstage, you get immediate access to our favorable shipping conditions as well as our global warehouse network and our customs clearance partners.

Team: Together we will shape the world of tomorrow

We are a dedicated team of experts from all over the world who have previously worked in the e-commerce industry and are now further developing a state-of-the-art technological platform and a logistics network of shipping services to provide ambitious companies with the best possible logistics process.

Easy steps

Our Values

Universal Shipping Solutions

We offer advantageous shipping solutions to all our customers, regardless of where the former are currently in their growth process.


E-commerce is rooted in our corporate culture, and that's why we assume an online shopping mentality in logistics.

Cooperation with customers

We cooperate with our customers to promote their further development.

Innovative ideas

Thanks to the diversity of our team, we develop original and creative ideas and create a vibrant culture within the team.


Our goal is to always improve current situation. Because our customers deserve only the best.


In everything we do, we attach great importance to transparency, fairness and sustainability.

Devote more time to your business
And save money on logistics
Mission statement of the company

Experts from the fields of product management, development, marketing, sales and support are part of the Shipstage team, and everyone is enthusiastic about finding solutions to our customers' shipping problems. Our interfaces allow users to compare prices, validate addresses, print labels, track deliveries and much more.

Our team
A few words from our CEO

"Despite the difficulties in 2022 due to the growing fear of inflation, we were able to further expand our record-breaking order backlog and recorded a significant increase in sales and profits.The greatest strength of Shipstage is its international team of enthusiasts, who drive the company forward day by day through their tireless commitment, enthusiasm, dedication and strong business sense.“

Benjamin Teclia
CEO & Co-founder
Our team
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47%prefer croissants instead
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The everyday job at Shipstage

The most beautiful moments in our vibrant everyday life, from joint events to holidays, are what make up life and work at Shipstage. Create unforgettable memories with us and become part of our Shipstage family!

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