Easy steps

You can easily integrate new carriers into your logistics by plugging and playing.

Your e-commerce customer base will grow, and you will increase customer satisfaction by offering customers both global and local partners.


3PL Shipping API.

Shipping made easy for your third-party logistics company.


Easily penetrate and expand into new markets.

Your customers will appreciate having access to a wide variety of carriers through a single integration.


All Carriers are synchronized, and we are now ready to ship.

Increase the revenue streams you receive from B2B customers while reducing your shipping costs. To facilitate a more rapid exchange of products, you should make available to your team a hub that is already configured for use.

  • The computerization of both incoming and outgoing logistical processes
  • Carrier rate comparison & carrier rules
  • Simple switching between the different sender addresses

Bring down the costs of shipping for your merchants.

Your customers will be able to choose the most cost-effective shipping method for each shipment if you provide them with access to real-time rates from various carriers.

Give them the ability to make the best decision for their company while lowering the cost of serving them.

A one-to-one relationship with each and every sales channel.

Take advantage of the most recent additions to the sales channels library to unlock limitless opportunities for lead acquisition and retention. Assist your customers in streamlining their shipping process, so it can be expanded internationally.

  • Speed up the shipping process
  • Reduce the time needed to go live
  • Direct connection to sales channels

Unlock a world of virtual possibilities online.

Our subject matter experts will conduct training sessions with your organization's staff. In addition, our solution can be completely modified to meet your company's specific requirements.

  • A comprehensive toolkit for training
  • Available throughout all phases, the customer success manager
  • Support for seven or more languages

Reliable shipping KPIs in order to make decisions based on data.

You will be able to manage customized profiles, gain access to detailed insights, download weekly reports, and monitor your delivery key performance indicators.

  • Adaptable to individual needs and accessible in two different languages
  • Accounts for the master and an uncountable number of children
  • Analytics and reports on global shipping key performance indicators

Expand the number of people who shop with you online


Labels and customs documents that are compliant with carriers can be easily generated.


You can cut costs by getting shipping rates and selecting the least expensive option.


Perform address validation to cut down on the costs associated with address queries.


Make use of our partner application programming interface (API) to set up customer accounts and assign carrier and shipment data.

Why do third-party logistics providers (TPLs) require a shipping API?

  • Simple connection to order sources – establish a connection to the order sources used by your retailers, such as Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, and many more.
  • Simplify the management of your 3PL account by setting up sub-accounts, which will allow you to more easily manage customer data like carrier accounts and shipments.
  • Eliminate the hassles associated with integration by gaining access to numerous carriers through a single integration, thereby reducing the amount of time and money spent on maintenance.
  • Ship your packages with full assurance thanks to Shipstage's 99.99% uptime and highly performant APIs, which completely eliminate processing delays.