Automatic carrier selection and compare

Using an integration that provides access to 8 different carriers, you can bring down the cost of shipping items, not to mention the numerous additional advantages.

Easy steps

Make the collections easy to do

You have complete control over the timing of package collection from your warehouse when you make use of scheduled pickups.


Easily generate shipping labels

Generate outbound and return labels in a variety of formats for use with 8 different carriers.


Check that every carrier is in compliance

Ensure that you provide all of the necessary documentation, such as the manifests required to ship your orders.


Efficiently ship cross-border

Create the necessary customs documents and trade forms automatically to streamline the process of international shipping.


The new level of shipping efficiency has no boundaries

Shipstage enables deep integration with carriers, which in turn cuts expenses, eliminates wasteful practices, streamlines administrative tasks, and boosts satisfaction among customers and returns on investment.

Who thrives with our APIs?

Any company that requires a tailor-made answer to their shipping problems

Cut down on the costs of carrier integration

You should be able to view real-time rates from all of your carriers and choose the one that is best for each shipment.

Consider factors such as shipping costs, the amount of time it will take for the package to be delivered, the capabilities of the carrier, and more.

Reduce the number of failed deliveries and printing errors on labels.

Through the use of global address validation, it is possible to guarantee that shipments will always be delivered to the intended location.

You can boost your revenue by enhancing the level of satisfaction of your customers and reducing the number of unneeded returns.

Choose the most affordable option for each and every shipment

Shipstage allows users to go live without any integration-related headaches or additional expenses. Through a single integration, Shipstage gives you the ability to connect with over 70 different local and international carriers.

Move goods freely across international boundaries

Documents for customs, such as commercial invoices, paperless trade forms, and CN23s, can be generated using this tool.

Delays in international shipments can be reduced by transferring information automatically to the carrier. This information can include things like tariff information, the country of origin, and more.

The amount of time spent printing labels is cut by 90% thanks to Shipstage’s direct access to necessary all the official compulsory documents and forms provided by corresponding carriers.

Our client integrated their software with Shipstage, which boosted the performance of their shipping platform and enhanced the user experience by drastically cutting the amount of time needed to print labels.

Create shipping labels for more than 8 different carriers

Create shipping labels for both outbound and incoming packages with ease. You can choose to print in a variety of formats, including PDF, PNG.

When shipping from your warehouse, in addition to labels, you can save time by having carrier-compliant manifests automatically generated by the system.


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