Shipstage API

Shipstage offers a multi-carrier shipping interface, easing the shipping process by making it simple to connect with carriers

Want an easier approach to managing your shipments and searching for an interface to do so? If yes, you've come to the correct place! Just incorporating our API into your system will get you access to all of our offerings. You may connect with and update all of our integrated transport service providers through our shipping platform, which is extremely convenient due to the streamlined, unified perspective it offers. Improving your delivery procedures should begin immediately.

FLEXIBLY INTEGRATE OUR SHIPPING INTERFACE into your existing infrastructure.

Our flexible shipping carrier interface allows you to integrate your current logistics infrastructure with ours. All of our features, such as tracking and a comparison of the pricing and quality of service given by different transportation companies, will be available to you. The best thing is that there will be no requirement for modifications to your existing IT infrastructure. Connecting the shipment processing to your ERP or WaWi system, for instance, is a breeze with the help of our application programming interface (API). Doing so keeps you from wasting time and stops any technical issues from occurring.


Built with our API



In addition, the shipping interface we give is highly customizable.

It has a wide range of features that may be adjusted to perfectly suit your needs.

You may save money on shipping while still making use of all of our linked service providers' expedited and standard services, thanks to our low shipping prices. Your time and money are both conserved when you use Shipstage.

Personalized service: If you have any questions about our shipping policies or user interface for sending packages, our friendly customer service representatives are here to help.


Quick and easy integration

No-strings-attached documentation for our API. Easy integration with your current setup allows you to start using it right away.

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Shipping cost estimator

To see how our integrated shipping service providers stack up against one another in terms of price and features, just enter your shipment request into the system.


Create and send shipments

With our shipping interface, you may transport packages, pallets, and documents without leaving the comfort of your own IT infrastructure, wherever you may be located in Germany or the rest of the world.

In the event of an error or a change in requirements, it may be necessary to cancel shipments. As a result, if the carrier you've selected allows for cancellations, you can use our shipping interface to cancel any shipments you've scheduled.

Using our API, you may view up-to-the-moment details on the shipping status of your packages and access relevant data regarding their transmission and location (API).

Shipping documents in one convenient location: you may quickly and easily obtain everything you need to know about the shipping of your goods.

  • Labeling optimization: Publish the label as an A5 PDF or tweak it for 100x150 mm thermal transfer printing. You can do either of those things.


In addition to integrating our shipping interface into your system, you can also make use of our shipping platform. All of the features seen in the user interface are available to you. The most noticeable difference is that, in order to manage your shipments via our website, you will need to create a free customer account with Shipstage and log in to it. In addition to our already low shipping rates, we can gladly provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with your delivery requests. When you work with us, you'll have a dedicated point of contact who is always accessible to answer your questions and help you with your shipping requirements. Our platform and support are given at no cost, and as such, you are under no obligation to sign a legally binding contract with us in order to make use of them. Any costs associated with delivering your goods will be shouldered exclusively by you.

Get Expert Support

Our goal is to help you solve any issues as quickly and easily as possible. Our shipping specialists are ready to support you in any situation! We do everything to make your experience of using our service as convenient and pleasant as possible!