Pallet shipping

Shipping pallets for home, personal or commercial use

Like ice cream cones simplify the process of enjoying a frozen dessert, pallets improve the security and efficiency of transporting goods. Assuming you are familiar with the ins and outs of pallet shipping, you may relax knowing that your items will arrive undamaged.

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The Pallet

Pallets can be constructed from wood, metal, plastic, or composite material and are flat and box-like in shape. The primary goal is to improve the security of shipping procedures, making the transportation of goods less risky. Pallets have a raised deck on top to make loading and unloading freight easier and a raised base to make them manageable by forklifts and other heavy machinery. Because of its flat surface area, pallets can be loaded to capacity with goods before being moved. It's safe to say that wooden pallets are the most frequent variety, as they are used for shipping more goods than any other material.


Pallet handling, transportation, and storage

In addition to offering domestic and international pallet delivery, a reputable business should also provide door-to-door, door-to-port, door-to-airport, and port-to-port shipping options. It's also important that they offer delivery services to and from your home and the airport or port and the airport. When sending large commodities, customers can arrange for a full or half container load, while those transporting smaller items can use a package courier service.

Any reputable shipping company will pick up your packages from wherever you specify on the date you choose and deliver them immediately to the address you provide them. You can rest easy knowing you're employing the best pallet delivery service if you confirm that your shipments can be tracked in their entirety and that they are adequately insured.


Pallets for transporting goods come in many shapes and sizes

When deciding which of the many different types of pallets to utilize for cargo, several aspects must be taken into account, including the type of products being carried, the distance between the origin and the destination, and the mode of transit. The two most prevalent kinds of pallets are stringer pallets and block pallets.

Stringer pallets, also called two-way pallets, are built from three long planks of wood: one for the top deck, one for the bottom deck, and one for either end of the top deck. They are called "two-way pallets" because the material handling equipment can only pick them up on those two sides.

In contrast, block pallets feature a block on each of the four sides and a block in the middle of each of the four borders of both the top and bottom decks. We refer to these pallets as "four-way" since they are easily stacked and moved from any of their four sides. Since they offer greater stability, block pallets are typically used to transport bulky items.

Plastic pallets, single-wing pallets, double-wing pallets, double-face pallets, solid deck pallets, flush pallets, reversible pallets, and non-reversible pallets are just a few of the various types of pallets available. Each type of pallet has its own set of benefits for transporting items of a specific size, shape, and weight.

When exporting internationally, euro pallet delivery is typically used

In order to be legally used in Europe, pallets must adhere to not one but two distinct sets of regulations. First, pallet dimensions are standardized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The European Pallet Association (EPAL), the organization in charge of regulating pallet production, will then draft a set of regulations to implement. The combination of these two standards assures that goods loaded into Euro pallets will remain intact after delivery and that the logistics sector can deal with consistent dimensions while transporting these goods.

Low-cost pallet transportation

Several factors affect the shipping pallets' cost. A trip's total distance is something to think about, regardless of whether it's inside the country or across the globe. The overall load weight and the number of pallets also play a major role in determining where the shipment will be dropped off.

It is sufficient just to list the items to be shipped on pallets, the route, the total weight, and the number of pallets. Choose a day that works better for you, or specify a specific day for transportation. The overall shipping of pallets delivery cost is decreased when carriers along the route accept additional commodities, such as pallets.


Transit times for shipping of pallets

Cost and urgency of need are the two most common determinants of delivery delays. Reservations can be made with a time and date for pallet pickup in mind.

Delivery times for overseas shipments are affected by many variables, such as the commodities being shipped, the shipping company used, any problems encountered during delivery, and how quickly customs processes the shipment.

Shipping pallets internationally can take up to 10 business days, while domestic delivery usually takes one or two days.

For international shipments, in particular, the transit time is the most crucial consideration when deciding on a delivery speed.

For international shipments to be successful, it is necessary to research and find a reliable courier service in each destination country. An efficient delivery method will help you save money and get your products to your clients quickly.

How big and heavy may your cargo be on shipping pallets?

NB (nota bene): there is a maximum allowable load for a certain pallet.

Timber pallets typically have a weight capability of 3,300 to 6,600 pounds (1,500 and 3,000 kilograms). Plastic pallets have a load capacity of over 3,000 kilograms. The manufacturer's load restrictions should be verified, or the decision should be made under close supervision, such as during pre-shipment inspections.

Precautions to take when transporting goods on a pallet or pallet trucking

Once the products have been loaded onto the transport pallet, please refer to the following for additional guidance and resources on how to securely package the shipment:

  • Protect your valuables by choosing the right density of foam padding.
  • 'Blocking' means holding the objects in place on the pallet with materials like wood.
  • Bracing - Secure things that are prone to shifting or rolling by wrapping straps or ropes around the pallet base.
  • Use corrugated cardboard or solid board as layer pads to separate your items during shipping.
  • Edge boards are cardboard shields used to reinforce and stabilize the load along the edges and corners.
  • Bands - For extra security, wrap your pallets in reusable rubber pallet bands.
  • Securing a load with stretch wrap requires wrapping it firmly with several layers of plastic wrap.

What to look for when purchasing packaging supplies

To ensure safe delivery, sturdy packing is necessary. It's the only method to avoid product loss or damage during shipping and provide undamaged goods to your customers. Similarly, protective packaging is critical for worker safety in an industrial context.

What do you store and transport?

When deciding on suitable packaging materials, it is important to think about the items that will be stored or transported. It's crucial to choose the right kind of protective packaging, as different things need to be stored in different ways.

To what extent does the secure packaging last?

The strength of the protective packing should be taken into account as well. Protective packing that doesn't do its job is no good if you're shipping fragile or dangerous items.

Carefully evaluate the quality and durability of the cardboard boxes you choose when selecting protective packing for electrical goods, or else your customer may receive broken things.

Do you find the packing easy to open and use?

The best protective packaging combines sturdiness and durability with ease of use. There's no point in locking up anything you need to store if you have no way of retrieving them.

Do you have any plans to reuse the protective packaging?

If a company's owners care about both their bottom line and the environment, they should prioritize products that can be used more than once. The most effective forms of protective packaging are those that have already been recycled and can be used again.

Is there no rating system for safe packaging?

Protective packaging with the appropriate UN classification is essential for storing or transporting potentially dangerous industrial goods.

Is it effective to use protective packing?

All of us appreciate a good bargain, but when it comes to protecting our valuables, the cheapest option isn't always the best.

Keep in mind the importance of providing excellent customer service.

When it comes to picking the best protective packaging materials, it's not enough to simply get the package correct. For the same reasons, you, as a business owner, should only work with the most reliable packaging supplier. Can you get your hands on what you require when you need it? Can I get them shipped to you fast and safely? Is there a fair policy for exchanges and refunds?

Norms for the Delivery and Pickup of Pallets

It is important to verify that the dimensions of the pallets are appropriate.

When all of the items being stored on a pallet are contained inside its confines, the pallet is functioning at peak efficiency. It's now much easier for forklift drivers to load the merchandise from the warehouse shelves onto their cars. Overhanging boxes prevent you from stacking them as closely as you'd like, increase the likelihood of breakage, and, most importantly, cost you more money because they take up more of the pallet's area.

  • It's important to double-check pallets' weight capacities before using them to transport hefty loads.

    The maximum weight that can be safely placed on each pallet type varies. If you're delivering something, make sure each pallet can support the weight you plan to put on it. If your business frequently ships out large products, you can upgrade to sturdier pallets. It applies to pallet trucking.

    Pallet plastic wrap helps keep expensive items from being damaged if they move around on the pallets during transport. That's why you need some method of packaging them. Plastic wrap is the greatest material to use because it can be wrapped and unwound fast and easily.

  • Labels for pallets are necessary.

    Depending on where your pallets are going, you may need to label them. Before releasing items from the depot, double-check that they have the proper labeling.

  • Stack the boxes in orderly rows on the pallets.

    When stacking boxes on pallets, leave as little area as possible between them. The more room you leave between the parts on the pallet, the less stable it will be. Fill the empty spaces with padding.

  • Check for any wiggles and make sure everything is in the middle.

    Make sure everything is fairly dispersed before the arrival of the courier who will take your stuff. You should consider the fact that a forklift will be used to move the pallets when packing. Please note the height requirements for pallet collections.

    The height of a pallet is calculated by adding the base of the pallet to the top of the stack of goods. This is because the maximum allowed height takes into account not just the pallet's top surface but also its bottom surface.

  • Finding a reliable transport company for your pallet shipments.

    Understanding and managing the complexities of the ever-evolving supply chain is time-demanding; therefore, working with a logistics service provider is the best option for most small shippers. The end-customer benefits when you find the proper logistics partner and are able to cut costs and improve efficiencies, which is not necessarily a cheap pallet transport.

  • Do not put off preparations.

    Seeking a transport partner in advance is always a good idea. From acquiring raw supplies to sending pallets with finished goods to the right places at the right times, an efficient transportation strategy can help your business's bottom line. It is important to work with a reliable logistics company to figure out the best way to handle your cargo.

  • Create a network.

    The search for a partner to aid your company's expansion is a relationship-building exercise; you should look for an associate with as much vested interest in your success as you do.

    Consider the new company as an extension of your staff. Seek the counsel of a transportation expert who is well-versed in the sector as a whole and can provide insight into equipment capacity, long and short-haul lanes, and industry trends that may affect your supply chain.

    Technology's potential to increase supply chain transparency is another factor to think about. Is your business associate equipped with cutting-edge tools to improve freight efficiencies and give you transparent updates on where your shipment is at all times?

  • Be adaptable.

    Realize that you may need to make last-minute adjustments to your logistics strategy due to the fluid nature of the environment. You can sustain your position of strength in the face of market shifts by maintaining your ability to adapt.

Transport intermediaries: freight forwarders vs. shipping agents

Learning the distinctions between freight forwarders and shipping agents will help you choose the service that best fits your company's needs.

While all freight forwarders are shipping agents in that they facilitate the transport of cargo, not all shipping agents are also freight forwarders in that they are not responsible for the full transportation process. On the other hand, freight forwarders are typically larger corporations with access to more resources than smaller shipping brokers.

Freight forwarders and shipping agencies differ primarily in the following ways:
  1. Products and services provided by freight forwarders offer comprehensive door-to-door shipping management beyond traditional shipping agents' purview.
  2. The modes of transport available are also different, with shipping agents typically focusing on just one, whereas a freight forwarder may be able to offer a wider range of possibilities.
  3. Advantageous consumer pricing is a common result of freight forwarders' ownership of their own fleet of trucks and storage facilities.

How much more expensive is international shipping compared to domestic shipping?

Because there is so much more land (and sea!) to cover, international shipping costs are almost always higher than domestic shipping. But it doesn't always have to be astronomical.

In order to calculate the final cost, we need to know a few things about your shipment, such as how heavy it is, how far it needs to travel, and how many pallet spaces you need.

Pallets have a higher level of durability than their cardboard packet cousins, although they are consequently more expensive to send. And unlike packages, they can take a lot of weight (up to two tonnes, in fact), making sending a pallet more cost-efficient.

Shipstage makes shipping pallets online simple and straightforward

Many things have changed since pallet shipping first began many years ago.

For starters, pallet couriers are moving away from the traditional method of booking cargo by phone and filling out copious amounts of documentation.

To meet the growing demand for their services online, pallet couriers have done away with the more time-consuming and inconvenient method of taking orders over the phone in favor of more efficient and convenient online alternatives. Providing such extra services as order pallet delivery online, pallet tracking, and pallet shipping calculator, avoiding the need for a quote.

People want their pallets delivered quickly and easily for a low price and pallet tracking option, and thousands of pallet couriers are in a fierce price war to do just that.

SHIPSTAGE is a one-stop-shop shipping platform for e-commerce businesses. Use only the top carriers to send your packages, pallets, parcels, and letters. Integrate with e-commerce platforms to have sales data imported mechanically. You may sign up for free and start using it right away, with no strings attached to a contract or minimum usage requirements. Keep track of your current account balance alongside a running total of all recent transactions, a listing of their associated costs, and a summary of any associated invoices.

International Pallet Shipping

The easiest way to ship pallets in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and all over Europe is to take advantage of transport companies at a reasonable price, including freight collection. As a business customer, you can send any pallets cheaply through our platform.

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European Pallet Delivery

You can easily get your pallets to their destination by ordering shipping on Shipstage's online platform. We cooperate with the leading carriers of the European continent.

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Range of Delivery Services

Our transportation partners can meet a wide variety of needs, from small packages to large freight shipments. We offer a range of options to fit your budget and schedule, including same-day, next-day and standard deliveries.

Variety of Pallet Sizes

Looking for reliable and efficient delivery of pallets of all sizes? Our company works with reliable carriers throughout Germany and the EU to ensure fast and safe delivery of your pallets, regardless of their size. Whether you need one or more pallets, we're here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your logistics needs.

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