Put your suggestions into action to make the tracking process more user-friendly for your customers.

Your e-commerce business can experience a decrease in customer complaints and an increase in customer satisfaction by improving its shipping process.

Keep track of your customers' orders

Shipstage's monitoring capabilities will allow you to...

Easy steps

Always keep your customers informed of the latest information

Customers can be notified via email and text messages using tracking webhooks, which can be used to generate alerts.

Reducing contact with customers

Create memorable branded tracking experiences in order to increase upsells while simultaneously reducing support requests.

It is recommended what improvements can be made to customer service.

If service representatives are granted access to tracking information, they will be able to address concerns raised by customers more effectively.

Shipstage's monitoring capabilities will come in handy for maintaining vigilance with respect to...

It is possible to cut down on the number of "WISMO" contacts by as much as 35 percent, the amount of time needed to respond to an inquiry can be cut down by 93 percent, and automatic responses can be provided in 85 percent of the situations.


Maintain constant communication with your customers

It may be possible to reduce the number of customers who ask, "Where is my order?" by making use of webhooks, which automate the delivery of tracking updates to customers.

Email alerts should be set up to notify customers automatically whenever there is a change in the shipping status.

When you are doing your shopping online, you should use a tracking service.

You should make tracking pages that are in line with your brand's aesthetic, and you should give users the option to add trackers to other pages if they so choose.

By sending customers to the sales pages, you can boost the effectiveness of your efforts to make additional sales. The following step is to make an effort to guess what inquiries customers might have so that they won't have to get in touch with customer support.

Help get problems with customers sorted out as quickly as possible.


Easily incorporate complex tracking data into your existing customer relationship management platforms.

Provide your customer service staff with the information they need to answer questions about shipping posed by customers in a timely and accurate manner.

Develop follow-up activities for your clients that will keep their attention and keep the relationship going.

Page tracking logos

Make sure that the page that you use to update customers on the status of their shipments is easily modifiable and stands alone as its own entity on the website.

Backup on automatic

You have the ability to program an automated response to the question "where is my order?" within the service tools at your disposal (WISMO).


Who will receive the benefits of using our APIs?

Any business that requires a one-of-a-kind shipping solution can benefit from our services.

Systems for electronic commerce between businesses

Offer a comprehensive shipping solution to your customers without forcing them to become shipping experts themselves.

Logistics of supplier

In order to provide increased value to your customers, you should make use of a shipping platform that is versatile to the point where it can accommodate a number of different carriers.


Develop the workflows you'll need to ensure that your customers have a positive experience with the shipping of their orders.


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