7 Top Website Builders for E-Commerce Growth Revealed

Discover the Top 7 Website Builders for E-Commerce Success

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In the past, you either had to learn how to code yourself or pay someone who did in order to create a website. Now, thanks to web builders, anyone can create a website with a few clicks and basic tools. They provide you with gorgeous templates that you can quickly personalize with your own text, designs, images, and more without having to worry about coding. Web builders have made it possible for millions of people who lack any expertise in web design or programming to launch their own websites.

The Best 7 Website Builders

7 Top Website Builders for E-Commerce Growth Revealed


IONOS MyWebsite is an enterprise-grade website creation platform. Everything about it-from the layout to the features to the user interface-is made with the goal of getting local companies online.

The IONOS website builder is powerful and flexible website-building software that requires no coding knowledge from the user. The WB is loaded with features and templates that can be used to create a site for any type of business.

Rapid Conclusion

IONOS's MyWebsite Now is a cheap and straightforward website creator. It can be ideal if you need to launch a website rapidly. If you're thinking about opening an online shop, it also features a handy e-commerce function.

You should know that the English edition is not published in every country. If you happen to be in the area, you should definitely check it out!

How Simple Is It to Use IONOS?

Not fantastic, if we're being completely honest. Our usability tests gave IONOS a dismal score of 60% on a scale from 0% to 100%. This is the worst rating of all the builders we tried, and it indicates that it is the least user-friendly and intuitive.

So, what went wrong for IONOS that it underperformed in this area? This is largely due to the editor's severe constraints. Users had a hard time making changes to their templates because of the sectioned design. It was very challenging to rearrange various components. It took a lot more time and effort than it should have to settle on a color palette.


This wouldn't be such a big deal if IONOS's templates were already in good shape, but they're not. The offered templates are serviceable enough, but there isn't a huge selection, and the ones that are there aren't exactly works of art.

Users believed they were rather dated, which is problematic given the lack of personalization options. That doubles the difficulty of coming up with something truly original for the brand.

Few but Quality Choices Are Available

The good news is that both the appearance and functionality of the templates are excellent. They are spotless, cutting-edge, mobile-friendly, and won't make you look foolish at a holiday party. However, there aren't a lot of options open to you.

There are hundreds of website templates accessible on IONOS, but just 18 are included in the MyWebsite Now package (one for each business kind, such as Photography, Restaurant, or Fashion). It's undeniably a case of quality above quantity.


  • Translation-ready website.
  • Free SSL Certificate and Domain Name.
  • Tools for SEO are conveniently built-in editors.
  • Formats for websites already designed.


  • An upgraded eCommerce plan is needed for app connections.
  • Changing domain names won't be free.

Strategy and Cost:

There are a variety of plans available for the IONOS website builder to accommodate a wide range of budgets. There is a 30-day free trial available for all paid Website Builder plans.

If you join up for any of the options, you'll get an SSL certificate and a year's worth of domain registration at no extra cost. In addition, there are editable website templates available to you.

Furthermore, IONOS provides a service to assist you in creating a website from the ground up. This service is worth considering if you want the stress associated with website development removed. Pricing for this service shifts based on the specifics of your website design and the additional features you want to include.

The plans include some very outstanding features, whether you choose to hire a professional designer or work your way through the design process.

An Extensive Database Packed with Guides, Suggestions, and Techniques

The IONOS knowledgebase has all the fundamental information you need if you want to learn on your own before reaching out for assistance.

Combining Apps

Optimizing and enhancing the functionality of your website can be achieved by integrating key applications. Thanks to IONOS's support for several app connections, you can centralize and streamline not just your business's operations but also your marketing efforts, data collection and analysis, financial reporting, payment processing, and a plethora of other tasks.

IONOS for Online Stores

We used to think of IONOS's e-commerce features as a mere afterthought, but they've recently been upgraded significantly. The most expensive of the four available plans, «Expert», lets you sell an infinite amount of products, caters to wholesalers, and connects your shop with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, eBay, and Amazon.

The widgets and product labels in the ECommerce themes are all drag-and-drop ready. Because of these enhancements, IONOS themes are suitable for use by novices. Online sales inventory registration and merchandising require no technological knowledge.

Transaction Handling

The builder allows for the acceptance of PayPal and all major credit cards in online stores created with it. Depending on the store's physical location, it may be possible to set up additional payment gateways. Users have the option of configuring payment methods like Stripe and Bitcoin.

Verifier of Safety and Fraud

Fraudulent purchases are a risk for any large e-commerce platform. With IONOS's built-in fraud detection engine, business owners may more easily spot suspicious purchases. Users can be alerted if a predetermined condition is met, such as when a transaction originates from an IP address associated with a botnet or other hostile network.

Scalability with IONOS

IONOS's scalability is promising because of the built-in marketing tools, SEO features, and multilingual translation it provides.

Again, IONOS is tailored largely toward smaller enterprises; thus it is not without its limitations. A highly complicated website or online store is out of the question, and you may discover that further advanced features are unavailable.


When it comes to conducting business online, IONOS is without a peer. Their prominence can be attributed in part to the fact that they come equipped with a suite of features designed to boost a website's visibility in search engines. This SEO software walks inexperienced and moderately experienced users through the necessary steps to get their websites ready for indexing by search engine robots.

No Cost for Hosting or SSL Certificate

The IONOS website builder protects users, their websites, and their customers' data by providing free domains and SSL certificates.


The IONOS website builder has a straightforward registration process. However, the firm views each new website as a unique offering that must be purchased in advance. Don't worry, though; using the bare bones of the site won't cost you a dime. In order to use a custom domain, however, you may need to upgrade at a later date.

Assistance to Clients

IONOS is, without a doubt, a reliable and client-focused business. This is because they offer the kind of support that is essential for users to get the most of the program. Every IONOS customer has access to comprehensive documentation for the WB and editor.

In addition, the software includes contextual setup aids to assist users as they set up their environment. In my opinion, the platform provides adequate customer support. Definitely above par. Here are some of my own anecdotes concerning the various help resources out there.


IONOS is an efficient and trustworthy system for creating websites. The website optimization tool is built to assist users in breaking through to the next level of website performance.

A Wide Selection of Supplemental Resources

You can improve your website with the following tools that are not included in your site builder:

  • Website performance, optimization, and fundamental security may all be tested with a dedicated tool.
  • Search engine optimization analysis - this isn't the full RankingCoach tool, but it will get you started.
  • In the absence of WHOIS protection, a WHOIS domains lookup will reveal the domain name owner.
  • Free online logo maker that allows you to make and modify basic emblems. Helpful if you don't have money to spend on a logo.

The skinny on the IONOS website-making tool

IONOS's MyWebsite Now meets expectations as a cheap and straightforward website creator. Although it has a small collection of templates, it can be useful for quickly launching a basic website. You can choose to include an e-commerce platform, which comes with a variety of useful features like pre-set content blocks, legal page outlines, SEO assistance, and more.

However, not everyone will benefit from using IONOS MyWebsite. It's not as scalable as, say, Wix, which is specifically designed for online stores, and the platform's most basic plan doesn't even support blogging.

Keep in mind that IONOS is only available in select regions and that customer assistance is lukewarm at best. The website's usability could be improved, in my opinion. The platform's user interface makes it simple to design and construct a website. The IONOS WB isn't as mature as market leaders Wix and Shopify, but it has a lot of potential in the future.

However, it's worth checking out if you're in one of the places it serves and can do so on a tight budget.

7 Top Website Builders for E-Commerce Growth Revealed


Whereas in the United Kingdom and France, STRATO only offers shared hosting, in Germany, there is an astounding variety of solutions accessible. STRATO takes the same methodical approach to hosting regardless of the type of service being provided.

There aren't a lot of fine-tuning choices, unfortunately. From its old user interface to its restricted software, storage, and processing possibilities, STRATO is generally a bit dated. If you're a power user, you may find that you require more features than STRATO provides.

Summary judgment

The German company STRATO provides cheap, scalable, and secure hosting. Not the most cutting-edge host and its best features are locked away for German customers only.

Keep in mind that the company's main focus is on hosting and that the opportunity to create websites is more of a bonus.


  • Products are guaranteed for 30 days or your money back.
  • Every package allows for the hosting of many domains.
  • Sustainable lodgings.
  • All plans include a free SSL certificate.
  • Simple, one-button setups.
  • No initial costs.


  • Free assistance for customers is very limited.
  • Costly renewals.
  • There is a one-year minimum on all contracts.
  • Availability is limited across Europe.
  • The Strato's bespoke interface is not particularly well-designed.
  • There is no real-time chat support for customers.
  • Apps and pages are not available in the website creator. It works best for less complex sites with modest requirements.
  • When you sign up with Strato, it may take up to 24 hours until your account is active. There is only an annual payment option available.

Strategies and Costs

Domain name registration, shared email, virtual private server hosting, dedicated server hosting, website creation, and cloud backup are just some of the hosting-related services that Strato makes available to its customers.

Simplicity of use

The cheapest of the four shared hosting plans offers free domain registration or transfer, support for an unlimited number of additional domains, one thousand email addresses, two gigabytes of storage space, an SSL certificate, antivirus and spam protection, and STRATO SiteGuard.

If you fork over the extra pay for the website builder's ease of use, you'll immediately discover that there's a cap on the number of pages your site may have and that none of the options enable e-commerce functionality. If your requirements are straightforward, this won't be a problem, but if not, you may want to look elsewhere.


Strato's product gets pretty close to passing muster, but it's not the greatest available. Many questions can be answered by browsing the relatively comprehensive online help center, and users can always reach out to the helpful staff via email or phone for assistance with any urgent or critical issues. Online help is available, but those expecting a more engaging experience may be let down.

The quality of Strato's customer service looks to be its Achilles' heel, even to the untrained eye. You can reach them by phone (a 24/7 hotline is available for an additional fee) or via email (using a contact form on their website). In this day and age, a live chat feature is practically mandatory; thus, the lack of one is somewhat surprising.

Unfortunately, the company does not appear to have a frequently asked questions section or knowledge base.

Consensus decision

While Strato's hosting plans do not cater to beginners, they do offer good value for money to those with less demanding requirements. The lack of a user-friendly cPanel, the small number of available apps, and the absence of live chat make it difficult to recommend as a host. Keep in mind that the website builder plugin is not their forte.

7 Top Website Builders for E-Commerce Growth Revealed


Wix has quickly become widely recognized as a top option among website builders for small businesses. It has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, a wide variety of premade designs, and robust SEO features. Those with little knowledge of web design or coding can, nonetheless, easily and rapidly develop amazing websites. With all-in-one website builder, you can create, manage, and advertise your site from any location with an internet connection.

Wix has a large selection of free, customizable templates (nearly 800 in total). Create a portfolio, blog, online store, or appointment scheduling platform with ease using Wix. It's a fantastic option for media-heavy companies with worldwide ambitions thanks to its extensive media library and support for multiple languages.

Summary judgment

In sum, Wix is an adaptable website builder that can meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. Wix provides everything you need to make a polished website, whether you're a sole proprietor, a blogger, or an online retailer.

Is Wix Right for You?

Their visually stunning designs are made for entrepreneurs, eateries, internet shops, and creative professionals like musicians and photographers. They look great on any mobile device and can be further customized with a variety of add-ons from the Wix App Market.


  • Simple, drop-and-drag functionality.
  • 200+ App integrations are available, and SEO is built-in.
  • Terrific, cutting-edge layouts.
  • Amazing adaptability.
  • Solid attributes for a business.
  • Fantastic app store.
  • Editor X's user interface is remarkably simple to use.
  • Lots of little gadgets.
  • Consistent uptime and helpful assistance to customers.
  • Lots of opportunities to make a buck, including digital download sales.


  • Some of the editing features may seem overwhelming at first.
  • Although they come at an additional cost, third-party plugins and Apps provide superior analytics.
  • Prohibits changing templates.

Wix Costs

Wix provides a remarkable 8 different pricing tiers, starting at zero dollars per month and going up to €37. Five of these packages are best suited for standard business websites, while the other three are geared toward online stores. Wix's prices are, on the whole, competitive and reasonable.

SEO for Wix

There has been a lot of backlash against Wix's search engine optimization features over the years, however, most of the complaints are no longer valid. Wix has put a lot of resources into improving its SEO tools, and more are being added all the time.

Wix provides a number of tools that will improve your site's chances of ranking highly in Google. Wix's page speeds (especially on mobile) haven't always been the fastest, so if search engine optimization is vital to you, our major recommendation would be to focus on providing high-quality content and be mindful not to add too much media.

Blog Software

To include a blog into your site, simply select the Blog option from the primary toolbar. Your blog page layout might be as simple as a single entry or as complex as a page with a custom header. You can give your readers the choice to comment or subscribe to your content.

Profiting from Wix

Wix has powerful e-commerce features. You can add your own products to a gallery that already exists on the Shop page when you select the Store element from the main toolbar. If you want to accept payments online, you'll need a business premium subscription. Among the many pages that can exist within the online shop are product pages, cart pages, and thank you pages. Wix also provides storefronts that may be tailored to your needs, as well as subscription and recurring payment alternatives. You can set up product groupings and discount codes using the in-depth product editing interface. You can accept credit cards with Stripe or Square, as well as PayPal and paper checks. You can set up shipping and tax laws, but the built-in shop won't assist you in working out the specifics, even if you integrate your business with a shipping provider like UPS or FedEx.

The Safety of Wix

Wix has many built-in safeguards that keep your site protected. Among these are:

Every Wix site is protected by an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate and is served via HTTPS by default.

Login section for consumers - each of your clients will have their own private section of your website.

Card information can be stored safely in advance, so your clients can make purchases without worrying about their financial information being compromised.

As the highest level of protection against identity theft and fraud in online transactions, PCI Compliance is the gold standard.

Online fraud can be mitigated by using two-factor authentication for payment processing.

The Scalability Issue

Some of Wix customers have wondered if they'll ever outgrow their Wix site. This is a reasonable worry; you wouldn't want your website builder to fail at the worst possible time when business is booming. Fortunately, Wix has designed its platform as highly flexible, so your site may grow as large as you like.

In conclusion

Wix's drag-and-drop editor is great for making simple websites. More than 800 free, fully-customizable templates are at your disposal. Wix offers both free and premium domain registrations and web hosting for its users.

The App Market facilitates the installation of supplemental features like online storefronts, membership portals, and booking systems with minimal effort. On the other hand, it has some limitations that make it inappropriate for more extensive websites. Wix is not the cheapest choice, however. For sites with fewer than 30 pages, this is the best website builder available.

7 Top Website Builders for E-Commerce Growth Revealed


Although not as well-known as its rivals, this German website builder has been used by millions of users for creating websites, blogs, and online shops. For startups and small businesses, Jimdo is the most cost-effective website builder available.

Jimdo has proven to be quite user-friendly for newcomers, and it has all the features one would expect from a simple website creator. Jimdo's website builders can be used to make any kind of site imaginable, be it a business site, blog, portfolio, or online store.

The best candidates for using Jimdo include:

Jimdo was made for those with little to no prior experience using a computer. There are two distinct page builders included, so it's suitable for individuals who prefer to work without any assistance from AI, as well as those who prefer to do so.


  • Simple to operate.
  • Two different editors for all your editing needs.
  • Dolphin editor's AI-assisted site-building is nearly hands-free.
  • Allows for the installation of other programs.
  • You're free to set up as many sites as you like.


  • Badly thought-out shopping cart components.
  • There isn't an external app store.
  • Only paid subscribers have access to the support form.

Making a Website using Jimdo

Jimdo conceals the fact that it offers two website builders, Creator and Dolphin. While Creator is aimed at web development pros, Jimdo's Dolphin is geared to non-technical users. The interfaces and capabilities or properties of these two constructors are distinct.

Setup and Functionality

To get started with Jimdo, you'll need to sign up for an account. Just your email address and password (or Google/social media) are needed to get started. After that, Jimdo allows you to build a site with or without the use of code, depending on your comfort level in that area.

Pricing for Jimdo

Jimdo is applauded since it provides a free plan, something that only one of its major rivals, Wix, does.

Jimdo offers a different number of plans (and calls them different things) in each nation.

Therefore, the cost of Jimdo will vary greatly depending on your area, as the corporation does not appear to engage in suitable currency conversions for local markets. This is in sharp contrast to competing platforms, some of which, like some of Jimdo's rivals, do account for currency differences.

The Portable Model

Jimdo has a mobile app, compatible with both iOS and Android, so that users may administer their sites from a mobile device.

Both the website and the editor are mobile-friendly, looking great on any screen size.

Simplicity of use

The first draft of your website can be ready in less than three minutes, thanks to the virtual set-up wizard. The editor is simple and straightforward, and you may just need to make little adjustments here and there.

Jimdo sites are attractive; however, they lack flexibility.

Jimdo makes it simple to make your website look professional with over a hundred pre-made layouts. Some of the themes maintain the traditional simplicity associated with web design tools, while others leap out the screen with an abundance of bold colors and eye-catching graphics.

Jimdo is an online storefront

Jimdo provides a number of tools to help you set up an online shop and begin selling your wares. You may connect global payment options like PayPal and Visa and use a professional domain to sell your wares.

Jimdo's «no commission fee» policy is the service's most distinctive e-commerce offering. The site does not charge any hidden fees on any transactions, so all the money you earn stays with you.

Acceptance of Payments Gateways

Jimdo does not have its own payment gateway, but it does support PayPal and Stripe out of the box.


Jimdo gives you access to high-level site information via a simple reporting interface.

By inserting some code from Google into your site's header, you can link your Jimdo account to your Google Analytics data for even more in-depth reporting.


If you are familiar with SEO, you know how crucial it is to have a high Google and other search engine rating for your brand-new website.

Using Jimdo for this purpose will, unfortunately, lead to tremendous disappointment. Don't get me wrong, the SEO options you need are easily accessible from the dashboard. However, the offered choices are extremely simplistic. Almost every alternative offers superior SEO choices.

Simple Connectivity to Social Media

Several programs exist to facilitate the sharing of site content directly on social media, the sale of products on platforms like Facebook and Instagram (already mentioned), and the broadening of your audience base.

With no app store

Jimdo's lack of a feature and tool store, in contrast to Wix, is one of its major drawbacks. POWr-plugins exist for using services like PayPal, SoundCloud, Vimeo, and Yelp, and they can all be integrated using HTML. The process of integrating third-party widgets, apps, and tools into the editors of other platforms is substantially simpler.

Problems with sites that use multiple languages

Several site builders now include support for multiple language localizations as a default option. Jimdo is not one of these, unfortunately. If you want your website to support multiple languages, you'll have to give up the top navigation bar. As a result, you'll need to make several versions of the same page for each language.

Blog-like features

As the backbone of any good inbound marketing strategy and a powerful traffic generator, blogging is an absolute must for any company.

All Jimdo plans, even the free one, provide basic blog capability, which is a big help.


Jimdo's premium plans all come with a free custom domain you can use for an entire year. A custom domain that you already own can be transferred over as well.

Aid and Assistance

There is no phone, email, or live chat help on Jimdo and no ability to recover your site if something goes wrong.

However, you do receive responses that are straightforward and informative. Particularly helpful is its knowledge base, which includes both written and visual instructions for common issues.

In conclusion

If your goals are modest, Jimdo will serve you well as a starting point for your website. For simpler sites, it may suffice, but when compared to WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace, it falls far short.

If you're short on time but yet want a professional-looking website, Jimdo is a good option. Features like a «Call Now» button, appointment scheduling, and connection to popular social media platforms ensure that local businesses can benefit from its use.

However, larger stores should stay away from Jimdo. Wix is the best choice if you want to sell a wide variety of products, more than 100 things altogether, or digital or subscription services.

7 Top Website Builders for E-Commerce Growth Revealed


You've probably heard of Squarespace Website Builder if you've been looking for an all-in-one solution to making a beautiful website.

It's little wonder, considering that it's one of the best site builders for creating aesthetically pleasing individual websites like blogs, portfolios, and e-commerce sites. To begin, Squarespace provides you with all the necessary e-commerce website-building tools.

Summary judgment

Building a site with Squarespace is a breeze thanks to its beautiful pre-made designs, intuitive section-based editor, and robust e-commerce tools.

However, Squarespace is viewed as a more expensive service despite its simplicity. There is also not a lot of leeway in terms of design. Still stunning, with some room for personalization.


  • Build a site that looks like it was designed by a pro, even if you don't know anything about web design or coding.
  • No limits on space or transfer speed.
  • Most packages come with full e-commerce integration.
  • Mobile-friendly, aesthetically pleasing designs.
  • The Fluid Engine improves the usability of the design process in specific areas.
  • Strong online storefront with options for digital downloads.
  • Scripting support is enabled.
  • Blog post scheduling software.
  • Effective aid and analytical resources.
  • Certificate of SSL encryption security, available for free.
  • All options provide unlimited backup space and monthly data transfer sizes.


  • Upgrading from Squarespace 7 requires a complete site rebuild.
  • In the newest release, you cannot change templates.
  • Not a freemium model.
  • Phone support is lacking.

Is Squarespace a simple tool to use?

You'll be presented with an intuitive setup menu from which you can select a template suitable for your needs, with options ranging from «online store» to «membership» to «blog» to «art & design» to «photography» and more.

From that point on, you'll have complete creative control over the appearance and feel of your site. However, as was said before, your mobility will be restricted to a grid layout. Because of this, both the initial setup and subsequent modification processes are child's play.


Each annual subscription comes with its own unique URL. The «Personal» plan is not inexpensive at 15 EUR per month, but it offers unlimited bandwidth and up to a thousand pages. The «Business» subscription (22 EUR per month) unlocks premium add-ons like marketing banners and e-commerce. These rates apply to annual plans; however, monthly plans are also available.

However, as the adage goes, you get what you pay for, and in the case of Squarespace, the price is more than justified by the quality of the platform's features, functionality, and customer service.

With Squarespace's many

Squarespace, like other «modern» website creation tools, aspires to meet the needs of as many people as possible. Anyone with an idea for a new website will have access to the resources they need to make it a reality, while seasoned designers and developers will have a safe haven in which to realize their visions. Squarespace, on the other hand, will do better with its target demographic because it was developed with newcomers in mind.

Squarespace, like many other popular site-creation platforms, aims to provide both novice site owners and seasoned designers/developers with an intuitive environment in which to create their unique visions. In this scenario, the scales are obviously tipped in favor of newcomers.

Storefronts in Squarespace

Squarespace's pricing options include an online storefront. Here, you'll also find the third-party connections that Squarespace offers, such as a shipment management tool, product label printing, print-on-demand, and more. Additionally, the overall experience is as easy as it gets, thanks to a guided setup procedure that makes creating a store a breeze.

Squarespace commercial use

Squarespace makes every effort to entice small businesses. Seriously, Squarespace has everything you need to run your business, including tools for social media marketing, bespoke post designs, email marketing, search engine optimization, and more.


Squarespace is a fantastic platform on which to do online commerce. The platform's e-commerce capabilities are included in most pricing tiers. Unlike with WordPress, an additional e-commerce plugin is not required. It also provides a variety of attractive storefront templates.

Possibilities for Web Interfaces and Layouts

Squarespace's first step, like that of most website builders, is to have you choose a template. Squarespace prompts you to select a primary category for your site's content from a list that includes «Music», «Food and Drink», «Marketing» and «Games».

Squarespace has a wide variety of appealing templates, many of which have full-photo backgrounds and scrolling interfaces.

Optimization for Search Engines (SEO)

You may increase your site's visibility on search engines with the help of the tools provided by Squarespace, which are accessible from the editor's sidebar.

Blogging on Squarespace

In reality, Squarespace is well-known for its blog capability, and its blogging site is easy to master thanks to features like the ability to preview post formatting before publishing.

Numerous Extensions and External Integrations Are Available.

Squarespace isn't self-contained; it's compatible with a wide variety of third-party tools and platforms. By incorporating third-party apps, Squarespace is able to do more. You can use them to promote your blog content on multiple social media sites at once, for instance. You may also insert things like films from YouTube, menus from local restaurants, and even Google Maps.

Making a Website Mobile-Friendly

With Squarespace, your desktop site will immediately be converted into a mobile site. The reason Squarespace's templates restrict the positioning and dimensions of elements is so that they render properly on mobile devices.

Protecting Your Data on Squarespace

If you're running an online store, you need to take extra precautions to keep your site secure. Squarespace has many safeguards in place to protect both your website and your customer's personal information.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is standard on all Squarespace sites. It uses two-factor authentication (2FA) and hashes your passwords for added security. In the event of a security breach, Squarespace has a protocol in place to deal with the situation.

Help & Support for Squarespace Users

Squarespace's Help Center and email/chat assistance are available around-the-clock to all paying clients. Learn anything you need to know by browsing the included tutorials, guides, videos, webinars, and discussion boards. When you need immediate help troubleshooting a complex issue, the lack of phone support is a major drawback.

In conclusion

While Squarespace passed all of our reliability tests, it does need to work on its page load times. Squarespace isn't flawless, but we do believe in their motto: «Better websites for all». With Squarespace, you can make a gorgeous, search engine optimization-friendly website and never feel lost, thanks to their extensive documentation and 24/7 live assistance. Squarespace is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a professional and basic online portfolio, business website, or online store.

Squarespace is a fantastic, user-friendly website builder that already has great layouts and keeps getting better with each new release. Squarespace is a great option for small to medium-sized online retailers due to its ability to perform well in all main aspects of website creation.

The lack of a free plan and overall high prices make Squarespace less attractive than other website builders. This could be a waste of money if you have no plans to make money off of your site.

7 Top Website Builders for E-Commerce Growth Revealed


The primary focus of GoDaddy is to become a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs. With integrated marketing tools and personalized suggestions for development, the updated GoDaddy Website Builder seeks to deliver on that promise. However, it is inferior to rivals in terms of search engine optimization (SEO) and overall design.

In order to make constructing a website as simple and quick as possible, even for novices, GoDaddy employs Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). It takes the data you provide and uses it to generate a unique website, making it ideal for novices who want to get something online quickly.

Summary judgment

If you think of GoDaddy at all, you probably picture the largest domain registrar in the world. Over the past few years, GoDaddy has made significant upgrades to its website builder, making it a robust offering.


  • In less than five minutes, you can have a fully functional website.
  • Those who care more about the fundamentals than they do about unlimited personalization will find this a useful tool.
  • Even the cheapest plans include advanced capabilities like social media publishing, email marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • It's a fast option for getting online.
  • If you change your site's theme, the material will be reorganized to fit the new design.
  • It's a breeze to use in comparison to other builders.
  • When compared to rival services, its prices are extremely competitive.


  • If you're a stickler for details and always worried about tiny tweaks to the design, this might not be the best suit for you.
  • You may make a site using it quickly and easily, but in the long run, your business may need more than what this builder offers.
  • Its e-commerce features are useful, but if you plan to stock a large online store, you may find better options elsewhere.
  • There is little room for artistic expression.
  • Element blocks are limiting.
  • Some of its characteristics are too surface level.
  • The final products don't look as good as those made with competing website builders.

Effortless Operation

GoDaddy's website creator is simple and straightforward. I think it's a great resource for those like me who aren't very tech-savvy.

Feeling anxious about creating your first website? Thankfully, GoDaddy makes it nearly impossible to make a mistake. In reality, it gives you a choice between two equally easy ways to create a website.

GoDaddy Costs

There are four distinct packages available for the GoDaddy website builder, each tailored to a specific type of customer or set of features.

There is also a free plan available from GoDaddy that allows you to test out the website builder for an indefinite amount of time.

Take money for something

In addition to GoDaddy Payments, the E-commerce package supports PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo for accepting online payments.

Can You Use GoDaddy to Run an Online Store?

GoDaddy's website builder is highly recommended, particularly for smaller enterprises, due to its high site speed rating and useful business capabilities. And why not a big corporation? That's because limitless storage is reserved for the more expensive Premium plan.

Research and Search Engine Optimization

Google Analytics allows you to monitor the traffic to your site in real-time. Since last year, GoDaddy has made significant improvements to site speed, which is a major factor in search engine optimization. You may find important keywords to target and learn how to add search-optimized text to your site with the assistance of GoDaddy's SEO Wizard.

Promotion and incorporation of GoDaddy's social media platforms

A program that simplifies the process of maintaining many social media profiles. You can embed live broadcasts and add social media sharing icons with ease.


GoDaddy's website builder supports popular blogging features like category management and blog commenting, so you can easily add a blog to your site.


Comparatively speaking, GoDaddy E-commerce is not as good as Squarespace, Shopify, or Weebly, but it is cheaper.

Just like the rest of what GoDaddy does, they focused on the fundamentals. Regrettably, they failed to grasp even the fundamentals. If you intend to use your online store seriously, you will shortly outgrow GoDaddy.

Extras and plugins

The GoDaddy website builder does not currently have any third-party apps, add-ons, or plugins available for it.

In and of itself, that is not a negative thing. Simply put, this means that GoDaddy has not made its ecosystem accessible to third-party businesses or app developers. Considering this builder's strict adherence to order and logic, this makes perfect sense.


GoDaddy ensures the safety of your website via SSL (secure socket layers).

Simply put, SSL security creates an encrypted connection between a visitor's browser and your server, protecting their personal information and giving your site an air of credibility.

Is GoDaddy's Website Creator the Best Option for You?

Creating a website has never been easier than using GoDaddy's drag-and-drop website builder. Everything you need is included in GoDaddy's service. Because of its comprehensive features, you won't need to look elsewhere for things like plugins or hosting.

The GoDaddy builder is great for people who don't know much about web design or programming because it was made with them in mind. You may add in-demand services like email capture and communication, social media integration, blogging, and e-commerce capabilities to your site with this platform. GoDaddy's plans are affordable for customers of all financial circumstances.

How Dependable Is GoDaddy's Customer Service?

GoDaddy's knowledge base and forum are excellent alternatives if you'd rather not wait for an agent on the phone or require assistance outside business hours. Questions of a more general kind are OK, but if you have a more particular or specialized inquiry about GoDaddy, you will likely need to contact a live person.


DIY web designers often turn to GoDaddy's all-in-one website builder because of its ease of use. The platform has flexible price tiers, an intuitive site builder, e-commerce capabilities, and an abundance of in-app advertising tools.

The fate of your company may hinge on your ability to select the optimal online service platform. All-in-one website builders, such as GoDaddy's Website Builder, can be convenient if you're short on time or don't consider yourself to be particularly tech smart.

7 Top Website Builders for E-Commerce Growth Revealed


It's possible that you've heard that WordPress is the most popular website builder platform, but you're still not sure if it's the best option for you.

WordPress is the most popular platform for creating and managing websites. The free, open-source platform allows for extensive personalization, allowing users extensive say over the look and feel of their site as well as its features. WordPress is a great choice if you want to build a website that is both visually appealing and functionally unique.

Summary judgment

WordPress is a widely used website framework that can be used to create virtually any type of site imaginable. It's very customizable, so you may make changes to the look and feel of your site as you see fit. However, you'll need coding skills if you want to install, utilize, and administer WordPress.

WordPress's User-Friendliness

A WordPress site takes some serious technical chops to construct. It has a far more complicated learning curve than common drag-and-drop website builders. WordPress is not the right choice if you want to create a website from scratch. You'll need coding expertise not only to tweak the website to your liking, but also to fix any bugs that pop up.


  • Open-source content management software that is free to use.
  • Extremely malleable and adaptable.
  • There are thousands of templates available (both free and paid).
  • Almost every functionality can be extended by installing a plugin.
  • Options for blogging abound.
  • Stylish design templates.
  • Permits Migrating Websites to New Hosts.
  • Helpful video guides.


  • Can't modify in the «what you see is what you get» format.
  • Inadequate photo-editing software.
  • Support via phone is not available.

Pricing & Packages on WordPress.com

The free, ad-supported WordPress.com account gives you access to 1 GB of storage, dozens of WordPress themes, and an SSL certificate. The Personal plan includes a custom domain name, a small collection of themes, and 6 GB of storage for just 4 EUR per month with an annual commitment. It also gets rid of WordPress advertisements, though not the WordPress logo itself. While there are no monetization features, SEO tools, spam prevention, social sharing, site statistics, and email and live chat assistance are all included with the Personal plan.

Using WordPress.com for Your Blog

When it comes to blog functions, WordPress.com is unrivalled. The fact that WordPress was originally designed to serve as a blogging platform remains one of its greatest strengths today. You can start expressing your thoughts to the world by tapping the Write button from anywhere in the interface.

Search Engine Optimisation

WordPress has built-in optimisations for search engines. Its code is streamlined and clean, which is highly valued by search engines.

Numerous add-ons can be used

Since WordPress is freely available, anyone with coding knowledge may develop more features, tools, and themes for it. This means that WordPress has, and is continuing to build upon, one of the greatest plugin libraries of any website builder in the world. One of WordPress's greatest strengths is its adaptability, which is made possible by its extensive plugin library.

Safeguarding WordPress

Roughly fifty security experts are responsible for maintaining and improving WordPress' security. The WordPress security team routinely works along with other reputable security teams, security researchers, and hosting companies to address concerns in shared dependencies like fixing the vulnerability in the PHP XML parser.

Assistance to Clients

When working on a website, it's inevitable that you'll have questions or run across issues that require assistance. WordPress offers a number of resources, but it does not have a dedicated support staff. Users can instead peruse the WordPress help forums and knowledge base, both of which are maintained by the WordPress community.

In conclusion

However, competitors with more modern technologies make it simpler to create unique websites, making WordPress.com less attractive.

I would not recommend WordPress to someone who has never used a website builder or has only a basic understanding of how the Internet works. WordPress's learning curve, setup charges, and technical knowledge requirements are all higher than those of fully managed, drag-and-drop website builders like Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly.


Can you explain what website creation tools are?

In the world of business, the question «What is a website builder (WB)?» pops up frequently. This platform's drag-and-drop functionality makes it possible for individuals without coding experience to build web pages.

Any type of website, from simple landing pages to complicated online markets, may be built with the help of a WB. Other common features include hosting, domain name registration, and SEO software. Most website builders allow you to add widgets and plugins, and many also support integrating third-party services.

If I want to start an online store, what are the advantages of using a website builder?

You need a website that is safe, error-free, and attractive and that provides more for customers than just serves as a place to shop. If your website has the right features, it can help convert leads into sales and increase the number of repeat customers at every point of the customer experience.

Just think, you could utilize this option to build your website without learning how to code first. You may pick and choose which bits of the code you want to incorporate on your website because the coding is already done for you by these website builders. You can play around with several designs and features to find the one that works best for your needs.

Website designers are competing for your attention by offering increasingly sophisticated features at surprisingly low prices.

One more perk of using a website builder is the time savings you'll get. Using multiple of these techniques, you can seemingly create a website instantly.

The most difficult part of this choice may be settling on a platform to employ. You should make an attempt to identify the features you desire and set a budget before beginning your research.

How did you uate each website maker to determine which ones to include?

Our team is committed to maintaining our editorial independence at all times so that we can provide you with unbiased reviews and data. All of our content is designed to help you make the best decisions for your organization based on real-world information, including product statistics, strategic methods, and expert insights.

We compared over twenty-five distinct website creation tools by their pricing, ease of use, features, data storage, and transfer capacities, user reviews, safety measures, pros and disadvantages, and more. Then, we compiled a list of the seven best website builders so that you could pick the one that best fits your needs and budget.

What are the best website builders for e-commerce sites?

A trustworthy e-commerce website builder makes it easy to launch an online business, process payments, and orders, and maintain satisfied customers. Some of these systems are quite sophisticated, able to handle not only payments and appointments but also several sales channels. You can open up a shop online with the help of others in a couple of minutes.

Cost-effective, scalable, and user-friendly e-commerce website builders are what you should be looking for. The optimal choice, however, will depend on your level of confidence in taking on tasks like coding and the needs of your business.

Is learning how to code a website's foundational elements preferable to using a website builder?

Coding your own website from scratch is a terrific chance for those who are fluent in the necessary languages. It's probable you'll feel a great sense of accomplishment at the end of it, and you'll definitely get to make something that won't be found anywhere else online. You can either learn to code and implement your own website's design, or you can hire a programmer to do it for you.

The great majority of websites online today were created using a website builder or a premade content management system like WordPress. You should use a reliable website builder if you are on the fence about whether you want to learn to develop a website if you are on the fence about whether or not you want a website.

Both coding and website builders are excellent options for anyone looking to create their own websites, and each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Using a website builder can be more efficient than starting from scratch and writing the code yourself. One of the main reasons why so many web experts prefer developing from scratch is because website builder platforms offer fewer customization choices.

What features should I seek most in a website builder?

The available website creators vary greatly from one another. There are a plethora of options to consider, so you'll need to do some homework before making a final selection. Your final decision should be based on which website builder allows you to perform what you need with the highest possible quality and the lowest possible cost.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before settling on a website builder:

To get the most out of your website, you should first establish your goals and expectations, and then seek out a builder whose features will allow you to realize them.

  • Keep your finances in mind.
  • Make sure the constructor is simple to use. Most website builders these days provide an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. But be sure the facts are on your side before jumping to conclusions.
  • Make sure there are enough pre-made themes available in the builder you're using.
  • Keep an eye out for the builder's integrated SEO tools that will help your site rank higher in SERPs.
  • Find out how good the brand's customer service is and how well-known it is.
  • Verify if the builder provides a sufficient amount of choices for site optimization.
  • Read what others have had to say about the item. You can get more in-depth feedback from people who have used the builder before.

If you own a small business, you may be wondering who makes the best website builder?

As difficult as it may seem, putting together a website for a local business is actually rather simple and straightforward, provided that you use the right website builder.

Each one is designed with features and pricing plans that cater to the unique needs of small businesses.

Which website builder is best for a small business depends on the specific needs of that business.

There are website builders available that will provide the tools necessary for small businesses to have a professional and effective online presence, whether the focus is on design, user-friendliness, e-commerce, or some mix of these. Website creators can focus on design, user-friendliness, e-commerce, or a combination of these factors.

Which website generator is best for SEO purposes, and why?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a technique used to increase the visibility of web content in search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. Search engines' ultimate objective is to connect users with useful, high-quality content. Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the steps taken to ensure that search engines can find and index your site.

Builders that are up-to-date with SEO best practices and are easy to use have proven to be the most successful. They also serve as educators, albeit the depth of their lessons will vary according to the knowledge of their students. If you are still learning the ropes of SEO, there are builders who can assist you. Don't worry; everything will be OK.

Fortunately, we may choose from a wide range of options, including editors that were specifically designed with SEO in mind. It shouldn't be hard to put your SEO plans into action and create a search engine-optimized website if you choose the right platform.

Are there any hidden costs associated with launching a website?

What you need to develop a website depends on the functionality of the site you want to create and the kind of website you want to create.

After all, many other factors can impact what could be called the «hidden costs» of developing a website. An accurate price quote can't be made without first having a firm grasp of the desired website's scope and functionality.

Creating an accurate budget is essential prior to beginning development on an e-commerce website because there are many costs to consider. None of the more obvious expenses, such as those connected with having a website built or with engaging in marketing initiatives to boost traffic and sales, are included in this estimate. Although the specifics will vary depending on the nature of your website, the data provided here should give you a good idea of what to anticipate.

Can I sell my wares on a global basis with these website builders?

If you want to sell anything online, you need to set up an electronic commerce website. If you sell products on your own website, you can save money in the long run while increasing brand awareness and reducing marketing expenses. You can trust that any of these website builders will get you exactly what you need.

While it's true that you can sell products without a website by utilizing a multivendor online marketplace or even social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, but that's the same as selling the products outside of the store. Information on customers, marketing, or anything else is not provided to you.

Information is crucial to the smooth running of any business. However, you won't have access to vital client information like email addresses, physical addresses, search terms, and more if you don't sell on your own website. Therefore, if you want to increase your success with international sales, you should think about employing a website builder that can both capture the data and provide analytical tools. There are other options available to you on a global scale that you may want to think about as well.

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