DHL Integration

Shipstage enables you to generate labels, compare different couriers, and automate shipping processes for international shipments, and you can also use it to get the best possible rates from DHL. Shipstage allows you to save both time and money when shipping packages via DHL.


Why do we use Shipstage?


About DHL

Worldwide express delivery company with extensive connections throughout Europe.

Within Shipstage, you'll be able to take care of all of your DHL shipping needs. The all-in-one shipping platform that we provide enables you to access pre-negotiated discounted rates, streamline your shipping procedures through the use of powerful automation, and compare the rates of DHL with those of other couriers.


The shipment will be handled by DHL; this is just the beginning

Take advantage of the cutting-edge shipping features that have made Shipstage the industry standard when it comes to supporting the expansion of e-commerce businesses.

  • Automate mundane responsibilities by using shipping rules.
  • Sync purchases straight from your online shop.
  • Complete transparency regarding taxes and duties on imports.
  • Grow with the help of our worldwide distribution network.
  • Tracking of shipments that is unmatched in quality, backed by support that has won awards.

DHL makes the following services available to ship packages from the United States to Canada, Australia, Japan, Europe, and more than 220 other countries and territories around the world by utilizing the Shipstage platform.

The partnership between Shipstage and DHL is one that you can rely on, regardless of whether you are shipping within the EU or to the rest of the world.


About DHL

DHL, the market leader in international express delivery, facilitates connections between individuals for the purpose of enhancing their lives.

We support a number of DHL features

  • Access to your contract rates.
  • Print labels using your specially negotiated rates, so you get the best deal possible.
  • The documentation required for international customs is produced automatically.
  • Billing to a Third Party Bill to a third party – charge the recipient for any applicable duties and taxes.

Shipstage loves DHL

DHL is the best option for shipping, regardless of whether you are sending packages within the EU or to destinations in other parts of the world. It is a no-brainer to use Shipstage with DHL because it provides environmentally friendly features such as paperless billing, as well as world-class automation and customer communication tools, and it also automatically imports your orders no matter where you sell your products.

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