Integration of TNT Technology

TNT has been in the delivery business for more than 70 years and currently provides door-to-door shipping to more than 200 countries. As a result, they connect people and businesses located all over the world. It was relatively recently overtaken by FedEx and now comprises one single company.

They take pride in the fact that they connect Europe by making more than 55,000 trips by road each week, during which they deliver millions of packages, documents, and freight consignments using a variety of delivery services.

Shipstage allows you to ship, track, and return all of your orders when you use Shipstage TNT account or connect your TNT Express account to the platform.

  • Spending can be optimized through the use of a single API integration.
  • Quickly empower your pre-existing information technology ecosystem.
  • Reduce the length of the go-live period to reduce anxiety when entering new markets.

Why do we use Shipstage?


TNT integration is there to support you

Access to the rates detailed

You will get the best possible deal if you print the labels using the rates that were specifically negotiated for you.

Domestic shipments

With the TNT integration, you can easily generate shipping labels in PNG and PDF formats to use when sending packages from Germany and the rest of Europe.

Return labels

Produce TNT return labels in a variety of file formats, including a printable PDF that you can send to your customers directly via email.

Transportation of multiple packages

Make multiple boxes fit into a single shipment by using your printer.


How it operates in just three simple steps

1) Compare rates & print labels

You can ship your products by selecting the shipping rates that are most convenient for you.

2) Notify customers of shipments via email

Clients will be automatically informed in two different languages of each step of the delivery process.

3) Automate your return process

To encourage repeat business from existing customers, you should provide them with enjoyable experiences upon their return.

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